The Cornerstone Method for Classical Guitar

The Cornerstone Method for Classical Guitar: Grade 1 offers a step-by-step guide for beginners learning classical guitar. In this book we’ll walk you through learning new notes, rhythms, notation, duets, theory, and more. The book works in tandem with our other books, Graded Repertoire20 Practice Routines, and Graded Duets. We’ve included notes in the book to help guide you where it would be appropriate to study elements from one of the other books.

Progressive Sight Reading for Classical Guitar

The key to improving your sight-reading is plenty of material at a suitable level and regular practice. You will find a wealth of useful sight-reading material in this book and it will make it easy to incorporate into your regular practice.

This book offers a progressive set of sight-reading lessons from beginner to advanced (Grades 1 through 8). It is a substantial book at 175 pages and it will provide you with a large amount of material to use in your practice sessions. You will find fingerboard knowledge, rhythm, harmony, and musicianship are all developed throughout the sixty-two progressive lessons.

20 Practice Routines for Classical Guitar

Practicing with structure and goals can greatly improve progress and also gives us a feeling of accomplishment. These 20 Practice Routines are designed to give a comprehensive technical workout at all levels of development (beginner/intermediate/advanced). These routines have been used by thousands of guitarists, teachers, and schools around the world and have been revised over an eight year period. In addition to providing a comprehensive range of exercises that cover all aspects of technique, these routines allow you to simply open up the book and focus on what is important. They will help you stay on track and prevent distractionEach routine included in this book is closely aligned with the grades and courses at Classical Guitar Corner Academy. In fact, several exercises are specifically geared towards the repertoire used throughout the CGC curriculum.

The materials are organized in a progressive and additive manner so that you can benefit from an incremental increase in difficulty.

Graded Repertoire for Classical Guitar Volume 1

Featuring 52 works that span grades 1 – 8, this book presents an organized and progressive approach to the core classical guitar repertory. An excellent tool for the teacher or the self directed student, the repertoire has been chosen to work on specific technical and musical challenges in sequence. With over 20 pages of notes and instructions the book offers guidance to the reader about what to focus on in each piece. The scores have been meticulously edited for clarity and instruction.

123 pages.

Graded Duets for Classical Guitar

This book contains 45 duets structured into eight grades of progressive difficulty. We have chosen these pieces for their musical and educational qualities so that you can focus on playing music that is suited to your level of ability. The difficulty levels vary between parts 1 and 2 in some pieces, and each part is assigned a grade level in the contents of this book. There is enough variety to bring together teachers and students, guitarists of similar ability, and guitarists of diverse ability.